Mini Fire (Extinguishing agent against fire)

Product Description:

– It is mainly installed in the small space and automatically emission extinguishing agent when it detects a threshold temperature by the thermal material. And quickly extinguish a fire.

– It is the most economical fire extinguishing system that can prevent large fires with minimum investment.

– Installation spot (Control panel, distribution panel, junction box)

Technical data sheet:

Type Mini-40 Mini-120 Mini-360
fire extinguishing space (m3) Below 0.04


Below 0.12


Below 0.36


Container weight

and inner volume(g)

76/36 216/106 440/220
Container diameter D = 25.4mm D = 40.0mm D = 40.0mm
Length (L) L = 191mm L = 214mm L = 332mm
Glean agent(g) HFC 125/20 HFC 125/60 HFC 125/170
Filling gas and Pressure N2: 7.0Mpa N2: 7.0Mpa N2: 7.0Mpa
Installation height Additional installation

per 0.7m

Additional installation

per 1.0m

Additional installation

per 1.2m


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